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A Student’s Guide to Thriving

“I believe that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky” – Oprah Winfrey. Oftentimes it is hard to get students to appraise the impact of how their actions today create their future success.

Or perhaps it is just difficult for students to know what specific steps to take in order to achieve lofty goals. Whatever the case may be, in the last couple of months I have found myself repeating the same words of encouragement and advising my students to turn the current crisis into an incredible opportunity for growth in all areas of their lives, especially school.

With so much disruption, now more than ever, it is important for students to remain diligent and create routines and structures that can help them achieve. This brings me to our very first student guest blogger, Alex Munies!

A few weeks after the stay-at-home order, I had the opportunity to speak with Alex briefly. I asked her how she was coping with online school. To my surprise, both Alex and her mom told me that she was excelling! I could hear the enthusiasm and determination in Alex’s voice as she described the “secret sauce” to her academic success. In simple terms she described her commitment to certain daily tasks and a structure that allows her to leverage the flexibility, familiar environmental setting, and other benefits of summer to thrive during this time. I wanted to give all our students an opportunity to read about her experience and hopefully use it to succeed.


How I’m Thriving During the Pandemic

by Alexandra Munies

For the first week of quarantine I did not provide structure for myself, which drove me crazy. I thought, “This cannot go on for the next 2-4 weeks”. Little did I know we would be in this situation for a lot longer. When I don’t have structure on a daily basis, it is hard for me to thrive and have, what feels like, a normal routine. I thrive on having a schedule. That’s just me.

Back in March, it was extremely difficult for me to go from a well-structured day at school to having the responsibility of constructing my own schedule. That was hard enough, but now that school is out for the summer, and while we’re not in a total state of quarantine, it’s not the same as “old normal” so I had to develop an entirely different schedule for my days in order for me to thrive, while still staying safe and sane.

Here is how I started my summer thrive planning.

To start off, about a week before school let out, I sat down with my mom and started to plan out my schedule for the summer. Exercise, Brain, and Fun. This is the structure for my summer. Each day, I am going to do something that fits each category.

For Exercise, I plan on working out each morning, either a long walk with my mom or a workout on the Peloton app. On the Peloton app, I like to do a mix of cardio and strengthening workouts.

To keep my Brain sharp, I am doing a variety of things. This consists of a writing strengthening class, summer homework for school, or even work from Summit Prep. For example, the brain work I have chosen to do today is writing this blog.

The third and final category is a Fun activity. This includes multiple activities ranging from baking, playing outside with my brother, doing a drive by with my friends, or making Tik Tok videos. In addition, I will also play tennis with my family, even if I already did my exercise for the day.

I know I may get bored of some of these things and it’s not to say I don’t miss my “old normal” summer routine. I believe the secret to thriving now, and at any time, is to find what works for you.


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