ryan director of education Summit Prep

Ryan is our Director of Education. After scoring a 36 on the ACT and a 2370 (out of 2400) on the SAT in 10th grade, Ryan went from being a recruited athlete to starting a volunteer tutoring network for athletes. After graduating from the University of Scranton with a BA in History, a BS in Secondary Education, and minors in Mathematics, Literature and Philosophy, Ryan worked in the public school system (PA and NYC) for 6 years teaching AP Histories, English (Lit/Lang), Econ, and Psych. For the past fifteen years, he has had one simple goal: each student walks away knowing he or she can surpass any limit.

Whether teaching Math, Science, or English, Ryan will always employ the most personalized approach he can, with a firm belief that every student is fundamentally different and therefore deserves different approaches.

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