Academic Enrichment


Academic Enrichment

What is academic enrichment?

  • Supplemental education for students K-12 that supports students’ core skill and knowledge needs in English and Mathematics.
  • We license diagnostic testing that allows us to assess each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses so that we can target those weaknesses accordingly. We can then re-test students as often as once per week to continually track their progress and customize their diagnostic testing to hone in on specific skills.
  • For students in 10th grade and below, we incorporate questions and topics taken directly from the SAT and ACT tests to help build core competencies while giving students exposure to and an early advantage on their college admissions tests.

“Nothing Succeeds Like Success”

Alexandre Dumas

Why do academic enrichment?

  • More confidence: We will fill knowledge gaps so that students can build upon a stronger academic foundation, and we can tutor them on subjects before they see those topics in school so that they gain familiarity and proficiency on these topics in advance. An even stronger academic foundation and foreknowledge of topics in school give students more confidence in school and in their own abilities.
  • More success: Not only are well-prepared students more successful in school, but successful students are more successful in life, so the end intent and result of academic enrichment (and of all of the education we provide) is to empower our students to succeed in life.

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