Edge: Pathway to Success

Education, while an end in itself, is also a means to success (as we have written about here).  Yet there are so many strategies to gain an edge or advantage and a wealth of knowledge on how to do so that are never taught in formal academia.  These “Edge” sessions teach those strategies; in doing so, they supplement traditional education to unlock a person’s full potential to succeed.  The sessions cover:

  1. Personal and professional goals and connecting the dots of a customized plan to attaining them
  2. Actionable steps to standing out in any workforce
  3. Finding a fulfilling career: autonomy, purpose, and competence
  4. The importance of specialized expertise
  5. Your money can work harder than you can
  6. Customized plan for how each student can optimize their time and efforts

Many parents know the keys to success.  Getting a teenager to listen, however, requires a different set of keys.  We have the experience communicating those keys and motivating students to succeed.  And, if your child does not find a session useful, then, as always, we won’t charge you for it.  Students will finish the sessions with a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed and how to do so.

Taught by a founder of Summit Prep, David Blobaum.  You can find his bio on this page.