Summit Prep Blog - Part 9

Deleting ACT Scores

You may have heard the conventional wisdom “Don’t take the SAT or ACT more than three times.”  That was then. This is now: Not only can you pick and choose which ACT test dates to report, but you can even delete ACT scores from a student’s academic record.  For this reason, there is no downside to taking the test multiple times, only the upside of scoring higher even if only on one section.

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Future Success

We know that good grades and a good SAT score are important for gaining admittance to an exceptional college. However, we typically do not elucidate specifically why a good college is so important. The answer is more encompassing than simply a quality education. Though this might make ideologues cringe, here are the practical reasons to strive to attend a great college: 1) your resume, 2) peer groups, 3) networking, and 4) a great education.

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What Should I Eat On Test Day

Perfection, even if never fully attainable, is worth striving for. As such, I aim to prepare students holistically: academically, personally, and, in this case, nutritionally. Thus, not just with the content and process of standardized testing and how this fits into college admissions. And not even just through increasing confidence, decreasing anxiety, and boosting personal motivation. I also make sure that students have the physical fuel to perform at their potential. The SAT and ACT are long, arduous and draining exams — I take the SAT and ACT every year and can personally attest to the fact. Here are some specific tips on brain food that will keep your child mentally and emotionally energized on test day.

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