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AP Exam Schedule

AP Exams Matter More Than Ever

In 6 weeks, AP exams will start (first day of testing is May 6th). If your teen is not sure how they will likely score, then I highly recommend they take a practice test to check their progress.

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Summer Advantage

As we approach summer, I am optimistic. A gradual return to normalcy. Travel. Beach. BBQ. The physical embrace of family members not seen for over a year. Lazy summer evenings by the fire pit. Relaxed weekend afternoons at a vineyard. The sunshine after a storm is more welcome than before

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Win At Working From Home

Success is much more easily achieved with the right tools. If you set your mind to it, you will be able to drive a nail into a block of wood without a hammer (you’ll get a rock, a crowbar, etc), but it will be immensely easier and faster to use

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Quarantine: An Advantage for Some

To benefit and gain an advantage at a time of crisis might seem heartless, but there is no sense in not making the best of a difficult situation. You, your family, and the world will be better off.

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