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An Example of Education in Action

As I wrote in the post about why education is meaningful, I was a staunch believer that most education was useless.  Past tense (“was”) is key here.  Having lived longer, I see the value of all education, and I wish that I had valued all education more when I was

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One Tip for Increased Productivity

We are all trying to become more efficient and productive.  Who would not want to do more in less time?  And, there is a massive amount of advice on the subject (such as “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss).  If you use a computer, here is my single

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For Students Studying for the LSAT

For those students wanting to become lawyers, they might lament that there are no real-world applications of the LSAT.  The LSAT is filled with questions about arguments that make little to no sense, reading comprehension passages that appear to be the very embodiment of cruel and unusual punishment, and logic

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What is Logic?

Formal logic is the fundamental language which underlies modern mathematics and computer science. And yet students are rarely exposed to it before college, if ever. This has led to it having a reputation for difficulty and obscurity. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Enemies of the People: The SAT and ACT

I was at a conference at New York University recently called “Life of the Mind.”  Its purpose was to use classical and modern texts to examine the meaning of education.  At dinner, everyone at my table shared what they do.  I said, “I own a tutoring company that specializes on

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Is All Education Meaningful?

In a prior post, I shared what I had learned about how to foster ambition (defined as the drive to excel and succeed). To achieve success, people need skill and knowledge. But the acquisition of skill and knowledge requires the desire to learn. In order to cultivate an appetite for learning,

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How To Foster Ambition

In every sphere of life, success and the attainment of excellence is impossible without the ambition to learn and to apply that knowledge.  The will to succeed is more important than any single tool to do so.  We could bludgeon knowledge into the minds of students, but, no matter how

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Entertaining and Intelligent Books for Summer

Now that summer is here, it is time to kick back, relax, and never go to school, ever again. Well, definitely kick back and relax, but after school is more school and then real life work, so better to kick back with a book that is fun and will help

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The Power of a 529 Education Investment Plan

What do you care most about in life?  If you have children, it is likely them.  While there are many important facets of parenthood and to preparing a child to be successful, providing them with the opportunity of a quality education is one of the most important facets.  Knowledge can

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