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New Developments in College Admissions

A fascinating piece from Inside Higher Ed points to challenges and changes to assessing the academic preparedness of college applicants. Some parts of particular interest: Let’s dive into the implications. Grade Inflation John Latting (and pretty much everyone in education) recognizes the worrying trend: rampant grade inflation. To summarize the

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Should I Apply Early Decision?

Among the many changes to college admissions is the rise in the number of colleges offering Early Decision and the number of students utilizing it. As the November 1st (the early application deadline for most colleges) quickly approaches, some students are still wondering if they should apply Early Decision. Here

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First Full Application Cycle with ChatGPT

Within a few minutes, any student can have ChatGPT 4.0 produce a top 1% college application essay. (In)authentic Essays Given that the content of the essays is not fact-checked and now even the authenticity of the writing itself is suspect, why have colleges not changed their admissions procedures? The answer:

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More Chances = Higher SAT and ACT Scores

To maximize your chances of a high SAT or ACT score, don’t prep for a test date, prep for a test score. Sometimes preparing for a specific test date is unavoidable (such as when a student has one last test before early application deadlines in senior year). But, I’ll explain

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Don’t Prep for the New, Digital SAT

The current version of the SAT will only be offered four more times — in August, October, November, and December of this year (2023). The next SAT, in March of 2024, will be the new, digital SAT. (Exciting!) So, should students prepare for the current SAT, the ACT, and/or the

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