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Education Is Most Important In…

Summer?  Among other fascinating parts of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” is the research he presents in Chapter 9 about the disparity in educational outcomes between students from different income classes.

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Why Should I Learn Mathematics?

More education leads to more wealth, longer life, and better health. While we explored some of the reasons for those positive effects of education in “Is All Education Meaningful?” and why education leads to better lives, there is a recent, fascinating study that sheds additional light on causal reasons why

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Summer Advantage

As we approach summer, I am optimistic. A gradual return to normalcy. Travel. Beach. BBQ. The physical embrace of family members not seen for over a year. Lazy summer evenings by the fire pit. Relaxed weekend afternoons at a vineyard. The sunshine after a storm is more welcome than before

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How to Thrive in Quarantine

The host of the “Earn and Invest” podcast, Doc G, recently interviewed David Blobaum, co-owner of Summit Prep, about how students, business owners, and all people can use quarantine time to set themselves up for success.

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Why the SAT and ACT are Awesome

 Even amidst this temporary turmoil, some truths are timeless: education opens the doors to success. Recorded before the lockdown, Amy Seeley and Mike Bergin from the Tests and the Rest podcast interview David Blobaum, Co-Founder of Summit Prep, about how the SAT and ACT are based on skills and

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Hard Work = Success

  In this short clip, David Blobaum, co-owner of Summit Prep, gives an illustration of how hard workers inevitably rise to the top and succeed.

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