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Covid – An Opportunity for Valuable Life Lessons

During these unprecedented times — when fears are heightened and the norm is anything but normal — it is difficult for any of us to be at our best. With multiple stressors related to Covid (mental health concerns, financial hardship, and the responsibilities of raising our children and often educating

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The Best Investment

For your long-term prosperity and that of your family, invest directly into yourself and your family. There are four primary ways to do so:

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Hard Work = Success

  In this short clip, David Blobaum, co-owner of Summit Prep, gives an illustration of how hard workers inevitably rise to the top and succeed.

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The Whole Person

Tune in to hear co-owner of Summit Prep, Eva Addae, on the “Let’s Figure It Out” podcast. In it, she talks with the host, Deborah Munies, about the purpose of education (including ours): preparing people to thrive.

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Money Math

Even if most Math taught in school seems useless, knowing this Math can help you make (lots of) money.

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