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Maintain Motivation and Secure Success

How can you avoid stagnation, the resulting lack of motivation, and falling short of your potential? By initially and consistently putting in the work to see consistent gains. With the SAT and ACT, ironically, the students who burn out from prep are typically those who do less prep. Why is

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Take Practice Tests

Why Students Need To Take Practice Tests

“Practice makes perfect.” This saying is a cliché for good reason. In school, sports, even social interactions, and literally every aspect of life, practice improves our performance. It is no surprise then that consistently taking practice tests is imperative for students trying to reach their highest possible score on a

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Extended Time on the SAT and ACT – Updated 2024

How do I qualify for extended time on the SAT and ACT? Have questions about extra time on the SAT and ACT? Here are answers to the frequently asked questions we receive. Students can qualify for extended time on the SAT and ACT if they have either an IEP (Individual

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