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Calling All Juniors – Here is your end of year plan!

End of the Year Plan for Juniors

Haven’t taken the SAT or ACT yet?  You’re not alone.  Here’s what YOU should do:

  1. Sign up for the SAT in May
    1. Select the “Question and Answer Service.” If you pay for this service, the Collegeboard will send you a copy of the test back.  While this is always helpful, it is imperative given that it is the new SAT so that you can see how you did.  The SAT in June does not provide this option, which makes the May test better for taking the new SAT.

  1. Sign up for SAT Subject tests in June
    1. If you have a SAT score of 1300 or above or an ACT of 30 or above, then you will likely be applying to some colleges that recommend or require one or two SAT Subject tests.
    2. These exams are basically shorter AP exams, so if you took an AP class in a core subject, then you will likely be well prepared for one of these exams. If you haven’t taken an AP class, then your best bet is likely to take the Math Level 1 (which tests virtually the same math as the ACT) and the Literature SAT subject test.  If you’re not taking the SAT Subject tests, then we recommend re-taking the regular SAT again in June.
  1. Sign up for the ACT in June
    1. Remember to select that you want to receive the “Test Information Release.” This option provides you with a copy of the test that you took, which is invaluable for seeing how you performed, the questions you missed, if timing was an issue, etc.
    2. Even if you haven’t prepared for the exam, the ACT gives you the option to delete test scores, so there is no reason not to take this test.

This schedule gives you the most pathways to achieving a high score on your college admission exams.  Having taken each exam, you will also be well positioned to decide which test is best for you so that, if need be, you can prepare for that exam and take it again in the fall.

We offer free mock tests for all of the exams, and, no matter what your starting point (unless it’s a perfect score), we can help you score higher.  We are always happy to help!

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