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It’s Test Day

Here is your test day checklist.

What to think:

  • Remember to take the test just like you were doing your homework and mock tests. You’ve done this many times before.  This test is no different.  You’ve got this.
  • Nervous?   Some nervousness is helpful.  Nervousness stimulates a surge in testosterone; this surge makes people “think more analytically.”  People given testosterone and then a mathematics test did 9% better on it than without the increased testosterone.  So, some nervousness = surge in testosterone = higher scores.  (“Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing”, p.178)

What to bring:

  • Registration ticket
  • Photo identification
  • Calculator
  • Five wooden #2 pencils (not automatic pencils) — a somewhat dull pencil is actually ideal for scantron bubbling, but you will want some sharp pencils so you can write the essay with less strain on your hand
  • An eraser
  • Food and water (here are some suggestions on food)
  • Yourself

Optional to bring:

  • A watch, particularly the ACT watch if you find it helpful
  • Happiness and a sense of humor

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