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Summit Prep is a premier tutoring company, offering SAT/ACT and ISEE/SSAT prep, academic tutoring, and college counseling.  The SAT and ACT in particular stand at a pivotal juncture between high school and admittance to a desired university.  Summit Prep bridges that gap.  By improving students’ grades, raising their SAT/ACT scores, and advising them on the college admissions process, we change lives and enable students to realize and achieve their goals.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals: passionate, hardworking, erudite, and intellectually curious.  We believe in continual improvement and recognize that the best teachers are life-long learners.  As such, we strive for excellence and continually work together to refine our methods and knowledge base.

We offer salaried positions and benefits to all of our full-time tutors.  Bonuses are also given for exceptional performance.  Tutors must be full-time to tutor for the SAT/ACT, but we also hire part-time tutors for specific academic subjects.

If you love imparting knowledge to the next generation, please email us at to apply.