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One Tip for Increased Productivity

We are all trying to become more efficient and productive.  Who would not want to do more in less time?  And, there is a massive amount of advice on the subject (such as “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss).  If you use a computer, here is my single recommendation for getting more done in less time: a second computer monitor.

For $100 to $110 (we buy ours on Amazon), you will significantly increase your productivity.  Instead of flipping between pages or squinting at split screens, you just put the other window you need to look at on your second screen.  Having a second screen is almost invaluable to me when I need to research and write, do accounting, run payroll, and do any other of a myriad of tasks that require me to look at information on one screen and input that information on another.  For both students and professionals, a second screen is, in my opinion, a better return on investment through increased productivity and efficiency than any other tool.

This is my personal set up at work (the third monitor is only marginally helpful, I only use the electronic writing board for skype sessions, and the iPad is a back-up screen). For me, the second monitor adds more to my productivity than all other tools combined.
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