SAT Prep in Summit New Jersey | Tips for a Successful Exam

SAT Prep in Summit, NJ | Tips for a Successful Exam

SAT prep in Summit, New Jersey


THE DAY TO TAKE THE ACTUAL SAT is finally here. Let’s go over what you need to know about test day with some last-minute SAT prep tips.


Take it Easy

The best way to SAT prep is to take it easy. Whatever you do the night before the exam will have minimal effect on your SAT score. Chill out and do something relaxing that puts your mind at ease. 

Pack Your Bag

Pack your belongings the night before to avoid forgetting something in the morning. Don’t forget your ID and admission ticket. Pack plenty of sharpened #2 Pencils, calculator, watch, jacket, snack, and small drink.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Early to bed, early to rise. Get to bed at a reasonable hour, so you are energized and well-rested for the day. Sleep plays a massive role in memory and performance. Get some good ZZZs, and your brain will thank you.


Wake Up Fresh!

Allow enough time to get ready before you have to leave. Rushing is stressful and something we should all avoid on testing day. When the alarm goes off, wake up by jumping in the shower. You want to be refreshed and awake before leaving!

Get Your Heart Pumping

Exercise gets your heart pumping and sends oxygen to your brain. Don’t go overboard, but consider doing 10-15 minutes of exercise that increases heart rate, like jumping jacks or high knees.

Healthy Breakfast

Eat high nutritional food, full of fiber. You cannot eat another meal for several hours, so fill your body with whole foods to help you stay fuller longer. No one wants to be distracted by a growling stomach during the test.

Stick with Your Morning Routine

If you usually drink coffee or tea before school, it’s okay to have your usual amount before the test. Don’t try out new routines on SAT test day. Caffeine can make you feel sick or jittery. 


Arrive Early

Allow enough time to get to the testing center, park, and sign in. Check google maps and your admission ticket a few days before the test to know where and what time you need to arrive. 

The Proctor

Each SAT exam room has a proctor whose job is to hand out and collect tests, keep track of time, and ensure rules are followed. Often proctors give 5-minute warnings near the end of every section. Sometimes this doesn’t always happen, and why it is best to use your watch.


Use your breaks to your advantage! Don’t stay in the testing room waiting for the test to start again. Go out and stretch your legs, use the restroom, grab a drink, or eat your snack. 

Come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to move on to the next section. 


Don’t stress about the exam. You have spent many hours preparing for the SAT. You have studied above and beyond in reading and writing, and languages. You have finished the full length of high school, answering practice questions and repetitive test prep. 

Go in feeling confident that you have done your very best. Remember that the SAT does not assess your intelligence or worth as a person. It is only one part of college admissions.

SAT Prep in Summit Can Help You

If you have yet to take your entrance exams, consider SAT prep in Summit, New Jersey. We offer personalized tutoring and SAT prep courses to improve SAT and ACT scores. 




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