School-Day and Private Testing

For school-day and private administration testing (in which a school can give the test solely to their students), the school has to pay for the testing (as opposed to the ACT paying the school to pay the proctors). Given all the other expenses that schools are facing, it’s worth asking your school how you can help them administer the ACT as many times as possible (and, because the school, not the ACT, pays the proctors for the private administrations, there’s actually the opportunity to give teachers and the school a much greater incentive to proctor the test than the ACT would give, since the compensation rates — which you can find here — are quite low: only $90 to a teacher for proctoring the test).

If it were me, I would try to set up a GoFundMe or similar campaign for my school to (highly) compensate my school and its teachers to help proctor the test. For instance, if the goal was $500 (or more) per family, then I can easily see 100 families at most schools making that contribution — the entire campaign would probably hit its goal in 34 seconds if it ensured numerous private testing administrations. For instance, let’s say then the school could give five private testing administrations: 9/12, 9/19, 10/10, 10/17, and 10/24. The total raised would be $50,000 from the 100 families that each paid $500. That’s dramatically more than the school would receive from the ACT to administer five tests. The school could be compensated, the teachers could be significantly better compensated than proctoring for the regular ACT, and the school could use the excess to help shore up its deficit from all the other precautions it is putting in place.

Is $500 per family a lot? Considering the stakes, I don’t think so at all. Even without prep, taking the test multiple times increases the probability of a higher score — particularly a student’s superscore, which more and more colleges are using. (Taking the test multiple times and using a superscore is like playing a slot machine that locks in your best symbol — if you spin/test enough, you’re almost guaranteed to win/score much higher.) Schools that do private testing administrations are really going above-and-beyond. Thus, if it were me, I would try to help my school as much as possible to ensure that testing for my child and the other students could take place.

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