Personal Growth Coach

Success Coaching is part of our comprehensive commitment (along with SAT, ACT, and other standardized test tutoring, academic tutoring, and college counseling) to help empower our students to succeed in life.


Impact of Coaching

  • More success by clarifying goals, increasing motivation, and removing mental obstacles that impede advancement

  • More confidence by improving self-esteem and showing students they can achieve, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of success feeding more success

  • More happiness by helping students reach their goals and increase their awareness of self-worth and gratitude


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jumpstory download20200906 141419 Summit PrepAdolescence is a tumultuous time of life which is now fraught with more stress than ever. Our Personal Growth Coach, Andrea Reiter, LSW helps teens (and their parents) manage stress and navigate the road to healthy adulthood. By creating a collaborative, non-judgmental environment for our clients, we are able to work together to help them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

“If you start this journey with an open mind and trust in Andrea’s competent, compassionate, and insightful assistance, there is no obstacle or challenge you cannot meet. You will emerge equipped with a new knowledge of yourself and the world, which will sustain you and inspire you to meet life’s inevitable new adventures while still being true to the person that she has helped you to know… the true you.”

-Deborah F.

Working together as partners, we will embark on a journey of self-understanding and self-acceptance to:

  • Build confidence
  • Define current purpose
  • Foster a growth mind-sethello i m nik z1d LP8sjuI unsplash Summit Prep
  • Align actions with values
  • Identify stressors
  • Find healthy ways to eliminate pressure
  • Establish goals and increase probability of staying on track
  • Tackle stumbling blocks
  • Decrease unwanted habits
  • Cultivate communication skills
  • Improve relationship skills
  • Nurture passion
  • Build key adolescent character strengths: purpose, grit, self-control, gratitude, and open-minded thinking



“Some people come into our lives and touch our heart so deeply that we will never be the same again. Andrea Reiter is one of those people. She is exceptionally talented. From the very beginning, she demonstrated a keen ability to understand and support me, while gently helping me confront some tough realities. She gave me an exceptional amount of empathy within a safe space which allowed me to grow the way I wanted and needed to. From her, I developed insight, internal strength, coping skills, awareness, and self-confidence. She continues to push me to grow to have the life I want. I often feel like I throw all my messy problems on the table and, one by one, they become more defined and less overwhelming until together we develop a plan. This to me is priceless. It takes talent, commitment, and skill. I am so fortunate to have her in my life. She is a dynamic person who really takes the time to know and understand others. She is highly skilled at narrowing in on the issues, and helping to take action. I guarantee you will hear her voice in your head (in a good way), and it will carry you through to accomplish whatever it is you want to do. The things I have accomplished and faced I would not have thought possible without her. If there was a way to have an internal before and after picture, the results would be incredible. I look forward to my coaching meetings because I know whatever is troubling me will become clearer, and I will walk away with a greater sense of strength and confidence which ultimately leads to success. This work is not easy, but Andrea is an amazing partner and truly one of the best in the industry.”

-Robin H.

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