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Summer Coding Camp

Coding is an ever increasingly valuable skill.  Not only does skill in coding provide stable career prospects and a clear pathway to success, but coding can more-or-less be done anywhere in the world, thereby opening up an even greater degree of possibilities and opportunities for your children.  The basics of

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An Example of Education in Action

As I wrote in the post about why education is meaningful, I was a staunch believer that most education was useless.  Past tense (“was”) is key here.  Having lived longer, I see the value of all education, and I wish that I had valued all education more when I was

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What is Logic?

Formal logic is the fundamental language which underlies modern mathematics and computer science. And yet students are rarely exposed to it before college, if ever. This has led to it having a reputation for difficulty and obscurity. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Reap the Rewards of Probability

Math has a bad reputation.  How often do you hear students say, “I’ll never use this in life”?  There are a myriad of rebuttals to that statement, but let’s use an application of probability that’s relevant to most of our lives, particularly if we have teenage children, as a small

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