David Blobaum Media Appearances

April 19, 2023

AP Exams, test-optional admissions, college essays, and more

The NTPA brings you up-to-date information on what students and parents need to know about the upcoming AP exams, the SAT and ACT, and how ChatGPT is changing the college essay landscape. Tune in to find out more.
April 19, 2023

AP Exams and SAT/ACT Scores for California Students

Tune in to hear what students in California need to know about SAT/ACT scores and AP exam scores.
April 19, 2023

Updates on AP Exams and SAT/ACT Exams

Tune in to hear what students need to know about their upcoming exams.
April 16, 2023

College application essays: Change or let lie?

The latest version of ChatGPT (version 4) has completely undermined college application essays.
April 8, 2023

What to know about standardized testing

Helpful information about the SAT/ACT, test-optional admissions, AP exams, and more.
March 9, 2023

What does test-optional mean?

David Blobaum talks with Local News Live about what test-optional means.