Pauline (Polly)

polly Summit Prep
Polly is a St. Elizabeth University alum with a BA in Mathematics and a BA in Education. From a family full of educators, Polly developed a love for learning and teaching early on: in high school, after volunteering to help a fourth grade student once a week, she realized the importance of individualized learning.
From there, her love of mathematics and problem solving thrived. For over ten years, she has specialized in personalized education using the ideas of philosophers, including Nel Noddings, bell hooks, and Maria Montessori. Her goal: to not only have the student understand the subject, but understand why they need to know the subject. A student who cares is a student who learns.
Polly’s vocational journey includes working as an educator for special needs, a classroom teacher for middle school, a supplemental instructor for high schools, and an education coordinator for the Florida State Parks. Her experience with a wide age range of students has molded her own educational philosophy about the importance of the individual.
Although her first love is math, Polly also enjoys teaching computer science, art history, statistics, and all things with standardized testing. She wants each and every student to learn to be confident in themselves. She will be with you every step of the way, not only teaching content but also instructing skills that will help in and out of the classroom. She will not hesitate to optimize your learning experience.

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