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July ACT Test Centers Fully Booked? Try this.

If your teen might want to take the July ACT®, they should sign up now. Almost all of the test centers in New Jersey are fully booked. The reason July test centers fill up faster than any other test date in the year is two-fold: 1) Fewer schools are open

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Don’t Prep for the New, Digital SAT

The current version of the SAT will only be offered four more times — in August, October, November, and December of this year (2023). The next SAT, in March of 2024, will be the new, digital SAT. (Exciting!) So, should students prepare for the current SAT, the ACT, and/or the

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Take Practice Tests

Why Students Need To Take Practice Tests

“Practice makes perfect.” This saying is a cliché for good reason. In school, sports, even social interactions, and literally every aspect of life, practice improves our performance. It is no surprise then that consistently taking practice tests is imperative for students trying to reach their highest possible score on a

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Increasingly Competitive College Admissions

The last year has brought many changes to college admissions. The extent and speed of these changes has made it more important than ever to turn to data analytics so that people can see what is actually happening and can respond accordingly – ideally before others so that Summit Prep

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Say Goodbye to SAT Subject Tests

College Board (the makers of the SAT, SAT subject tests, AP exams, etc) has announced that the SAT subject tests will be discontinued and there will be no administrations of them in the spring. This will have two significant effects on how students applying to top 50 colleges are evaluated

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