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Is All Education Meaningful?

In a prior post, I shared what I had learned about how to foster ambition (defined as the drive to excel and succeed). To achieve success, people need skill and knowledge. But the acquisition of skill and knowledge requires the desire to learn. In order to cultivate an appetite for learning,

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How To Foster Ambition

In every sphere of life, success and the attainment of excellence is impossible without the ambition to learn and to apply that knowledge.  The will to succeed is more important than any single tool to do so.  We could bludgeon knowledge into the minds of students, but, no matter how

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Intelligence and Integrity

For the good of humanity, by far the most important quality of a person is his or her character. Take the comparison between intelligence and integrity.  A brilliant, evil person can do incredible harm.  But an uneducated, good person will still likely have a net positive effect (bringing happiness to

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Future Success

We know that good grades and a good SAT score are important for gaining admittance to an exceptional college. However, we typically do not elucidate specifically why a good college is so important. The answer is more encompassing than simply a quality education. Though this might make ideologues cringe, here

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