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Say Goodbye to SAT Subject Tests

College Board (the makers of the SAT, SAT subject tests, AP exams, etc) has announced that the SAT subject tests will be discontinued and there will be no administrations of them in the spring. This will have two significant effects on how students applying to top 50 colleges are evaluated

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Math Level 2: The Surprising Importance of a Perfect Score

Striving for excellence, and ideally achieving it, in areas of life that matter (family, work, etc) is important.  In contrast, attaining perfection is typically neither necessary nor practical.  The same is true on standardized tests.  For example, the difference between a 790 and 800 on the Literature SAT subject test

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The Variability of Performance

Occasionally a student’s SAT or ACT scores will stay the same or, in rarer cases, decrease from one test to the next.  Why?  And how can we avoid flat or lower scores? In some cases, low quality prep is to blame for a lack of score increase.  For our students,

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SAT Subject Test “Guessing Penalty”

Maybe the “guessing penalty” on the old SAT and current SAT subject tests is not the greatest misunderstanding in history, but it is close.  Why?  Because, as I will explain, the “guessing penalty” is a myth.

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Should I take the SAT and ACT essay every test?

Sound bite answer: Always take the SAT and ACT essay.  Here’s why: First, we have to understand whether students should take the “optional” SAT and ACT essay at all.  A student might get lucky and apply only to colleges that do not consider the SAT or ACT essay in their

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