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Summer Math Tutoring is Essential

  • On average, students lose 1 month (11%) of the prior school year’s learning over the summer.¹
  • This loss is greater in Math than in Reading.
  • The amount of loss during summer is even larger as a student advances in grade level, with the greatest loss during summers in high school (as the curriculum becomes more difficult but also more important for a student’s success in life).

For the above reasons, we believe summer Math instruction is not just helpful but also necessary.


Purpose of Summer Math Advantage Tutoring

  1. Prevent: Counteract any loss of Math knowledge.
  2. Repair: Find any gaps in knowledge that the student might have so that they can build upon a firm foundation and more easily learn new topics.
  3. Improve: Too often students start the year, especially in Math, struggling to get caught up after forgetting a lot of Math concepts over the summer.  For some students, this struggle demoralizes them and can decrease their confidence, effort, and success for the rest of the year.  Instead, when a student learns the first few weeks of next year’s Math over the summer, then when they start the next year they will begin with confidence and success.  This confidence and success sets them up for confidence and success for the rest of the year.


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