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Life, Liberty, and the LSAT

Making a Murderer brought national attention to the possibility of wrongful convictions and to the legal skills needed to avoid them.  Because the legal skills needed to prevail in court are also those tested on the LSAT, one of the pivotal LSAT topics was shown to be critically important to

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Companies Need Women in Leadership

A few days ago at the holiday party of a friend, her company gave out “goody bags” at the end.  Nice gesture as a thank you to employees.  Women’s bags were on the right.  Men’s on the left.

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An Example of Education in Action

As I wrote in the post about why education is meaningful, I was a staunch believer that most education was useless.  Past tense (“was”) is key here.  Having lived longer, I see the value of all education, and I wish that I had valued all education more when I was

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One Tip for Increased Productivity

We are all trying to become more efficient and productive.  Who would not want to do more in less time?  And, there is a massive amount of advice on the subject (such as “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss).  If you use a computer, here is my single

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