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Why Should I Learn Mathematics?

More education leads to more wealth, longer life, and better health. While we explored some of the reasons for those positive effects of education in “Is All Education Meaningful?” and why education leads to better lives, there is a recent, fascinating study that sheds additional light on causal reasons why

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How to Thrive in Quarantine

The host of the “Earn and Invest” podcast, Doc G, recently interviewed David Blobaum, co-owner of Summit Prep, about how students, business owners, and all people can use quarantine time to set themselves up for success.

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Money Math

Even if most Math taught in school seems useless, knowing this Math can help you make (lots of) money.

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One Tip for Increased Productivity

We are all trying to become more efficient and productive.  Who would not want to do more in less time?  And, there is a massive amount of advice on the subject (such as “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss).  If you use a computer, here is my single

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The Power of a 529 Education Investment Plan

What do you care most about in life?  If you have children, it is likely them.  While there are many important facets of parenthood and to preparing a child to be successful, providing them with the opportunity of a quality education is one of the most important facets.  Knowledge can

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Reap the Rewards of Probability

Math has a bad reputation.  How often do you hear students say, “I’ll never use this in life”?  There are a myriad of rebuttals to that statement, but let’s use an application of probability that’s relevant to most of our lives, particularly if we have teenage children, as a small

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Some Savvy Financial Tips for Clever Parents

What do most people care most about in life?  For obvious and innumerable reasons, their children.  We want to give them the very best we can and everything that we can to help them be successful and happy.  Education is, for good reason, one of the best avenues for achieving

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