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More Chances = Higher SAT and ACT Scores

To maximize your chances of a high SAT or ACT score, don’t prep for a test date, prep for a test score. Sometimes preparing for a specific test date is unavoidable (such as when a student has one last test before early application deadlines in senior year). But, I’ll explain

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Don’t Prep for the New, Digital SAT

The current version of the SAT will only be offered four more times — in August, October, November, and December of this year (2023). The next SAT, in March of 2024, will be the new, digital SAT. (Exciting!) So, should students prepare for the current SAT, the ACT, and/or the

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It’s the week of the SAT/ACT… STUDY

Most people grew up hearing two extreme claims about the SAT and ACT: 1) From the test makers, “test prep does not work.” 2) From test prep providers, “We will teach you the tips/tricks/strategies to ace the tests.” Both claims are mostly false. It is true that test prep solely

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Say Goodbye to the Paper SAT

I was interviewed on the College and Career Clarity podcast about the changes coming to the SAT. Tune in to hear about what parents of current sophomores and younger should know about these changes, when they will happen, how they impact the athletic recruiting timeline, what the PSAT this year

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