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Harvard: A Stunning Reversal

Just announced, Harvard will require test scores for this upcoming 2024-2025 admissions cycle. Other schools (Dartmouth, Yale, etc) returning to test-required admissions was, in some sense, overhyped news. This is likely different. UPDATE: As of about 10 minutes ago, Caltech (which was test-blind) has just returned, effective immediately, to requiring

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In a normal year, the SAT® versus ACT® advice is very straightforward: take an official past test of each, compare the scores, and prep for the test that fits a student best. This is not a normal year. The SAT has had its most radical redesign. As a result, there

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The First Digital SAT

December 2nd marked the end of an era in college entrance exams. For the first time in its 97-year history (first given in 1926), the SAT will no longer be administered as a paper exam. The next SAT, which will be administered in March of 2024, will be digital, adaptive,

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More Chances = Higher SAT and ACT Scores

To maximize your chances of a high SAT or ACT score, don’t prep for a test date, prep for a test score. Sometimes preparing for a specific test date is unavoidable (such as when a student has one last test before early application deadlines in senior year). But, I’ll explain

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