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July ACT Test Centers Fully Booked? Try this.

If your teen might want to take the July ACT®, they should sign up now. Almost all of the test centers in New Jersey are fully booked. The reason July test centers fill up faster than any other test date in the year is two-fold: 1) Fewer schools are open

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Harvard: A Stunning Reversal

Just announced, Harvard will require test scores for this upcoming 2024-2025 admissions cycle. Other schools (Dartmouth, Yale, etc) returning to test-required admissions was, in some sense, overhyped news. This is likely different. UPDATE: As of about 10 minutes ago, Caltech (which was test-blind) has just returned, effective immediately, to requiring

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In a normal year, the SAT® versus ACT® advice is very straightforward: take an official past test of each, compare the scores, and prep for the test that fits a student best. This is not a normal year. The SAT has had its most radical redesign. As a result, there

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Best ACT Reading Strategies

Today we’re adding another layer to the ACT Reading strategies (see Part 1 here). First, we’ll cover how the vast majority of students can get a near-perfect score on ACT Reading. Second, for those not willing to do the first, we’ll discuss how students can still hit their personal best

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