Delbarton Entrance Exam

Delbarton is known for providing a top education, great athletic programs, and an exemplary foundation for men of integrity.

But, before attending, you’ll need to pass their unique entrance exam.  What does Delbarton say about their entrance exam?

“Delbarton schedules its own entrance examinations three times a year in October, November, and December.
Applicants register for an examination by selecting a date in the Online Application Part I. The exam covers three areas: the student’s native ability, subject knowledge, and writing fluency. These are measured, respectively, through an aptitude test, achievement test, and a writing sample.” (

We liken the Delbarton entrance exam to a combination of the traditional private Catholic school entrance exams (the HSPT) and an additional test for gifted children (which we’ll keep secret for now).

Our curriculum is designed to optimally prepare our students for this exam.  We use incredible software that mimics the Delbarton exam in order to give students the best possible practice.