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Deleting ACT Scores

You may have heard the conventional wisdom “Don’t take the SAT or ACT more than three times.”  That was then.

This is now: Not only can you pick and choose which ACT test dates to report to colleges, but you can even remove ACT scores from your record. (Note: Students may not delete scores used to document participation in State and District Testing.)


Because students can delete any scores that they wish, there is no downside to taking the test multiple times, only the upside of scoring higher even if only on one section.

Yet, the benefit of deleting ACT scores extends beyond the ability to take the real test as many times as needed (even just for practice) and then send only a student’s best scores to colleges. When students know that they can delete their scores, they are more relaxed on test day, which in turn typically helps them perform better.  When they know that their whole future is not riding on this test and that if they mess up that no one ever needs to see it, they are better able to approach the test with a clear head.

Thus, even if a student never uses the option to delete scores, it is comforting to know it’s there.

How to Delete ACT Scores:

To delete your ACT scores for a particular test date, you must submit a written request. To do so, call ACT customer service (319-337-1270), they will provide you with a form, and you will mail that form to the ACT. The ACT will then permanently remove that test date from their records (all scores from that test date will be deleted).


Differences between SAT and ACT score reporting:




$16 per school and per test date (for instance, sending two test dates to one school would cost $32)

$12 per college (the college will receive scores from all the test dates you choose to send)


Yes, you can pick and choose which test dates you want to send Yes, but Collegeboard displays when a college requires you to send all scores
Deleting Scores Yes



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