Practice Tests at Summit Prep | Do They Really Help?

SAT and ACT Practice Tests – What’s the Big Deal?

Since the beginning, the SAT and ACT have been integral parts of American education. It’s crucial to do your best, as colleges and universities use the scores to narrow the list of potential students when reviewing applications. Read here to learn more.

Your final score is also included in the college’s ACT or SAT statistics, and they certainly want high scores. Beyond that, the college board can also use ACT and SAT scores to reward financial aid and scholarships. So if you are looking for a discount on overall costs, you’ll want to do your best. Click here to learn more about it.

There are several ways to prepare yourself for the ACT and SAT. You can find online courses and information, take prep classes locally, or even go for ACT and SAT tutoring. We find that practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for your exam. Keep reading to learn the reasons why they are so important.

Familiarize Yourself with Content

Since they are scored differently than routine tests, it’s essential to know what kind of content there will be so you can familiarize yourself. Going into the exam blind without knowing the contents is stressful and overwhelming. By knowing what is included and understanding the sections of the ACT and SAT and time limits, you’ll learn how to pace yourself much better.

Sharpen Skills

You may run into specific s that you don’t recall from previous classes when doing a practice test. SAT and ACT prep tests can help refresh your memory and sharpen your skills. This is especially helpful for the math section since many new formulas are learned each year.

Better SAT & ACT Scores

Regular studying helps students score higher regardless of the exam or topic. The ACT and SAT are no different. By studying and completing prep classes and practice tests, you’ll be on your way to scoring better on the test. Practice tests help you in areas of weakness that you would otherwise not have known if you didn’t take test prep classes.

Top schools typically require higher test scores. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money applying if your scores weren’t quite what they were looking for. And visa versa, you may also not want to apply to colleges with lower test requirements if you scored well. 

Why are Practice Tests so Important?

Practice tests are an invaluable tool to help you prepare for exam day. Students get a hands-on feel for the actual test without it affecting their score. The practice questions may be the most important part of ACT and SAT prep since students will know what to expect and can work on areas they may need help in before they take the test.

ACT & SAT Tutoring

Summit Prep Practice Test FAQs

​​Who can take the practice SAT and ACT tests?

 Why take a practice ACT or SAT test?

  • Find out which standardized test fits a student best (SAT versus ACT; ISEE versus SSAT).
  • Establish a baseline on a test to estimate how much work it will likely take to get from starting score to the score goal.
  • Simulate test day and practice taking the test with the pressure of a proctor. 
  • Build test-taking stamina (so that students improve their ability to maintain focus for the entire test duration).

Where can I take a practice test?

  • At our private tutoring center in Summit, NJ. (Taking a timed test outside of the home is helpful for more completely simulating the testing experience of the actual test day.)
  • At home via Zoom. (Our instructor emails the exam and proctors the test remotely.)

What day and time can I take a test?

  • During the academic school year: Sundays at 10:30am for our in-person mock tests at our Summit office location, and 11:30am for our virtual mock tests.
  • During the summer: 11:30am on Wednesdays.
  • Anytime: We are happy to email you a test or print one for you to pick up to take home.
  • Have testing accommodations, such as extended time, or s about testing accommodations? Please let us know. We’re happy to assist and answer any s about accommodations.

Contact Summit Prep in Summit and Bernardsville, NJ by clicking here or calling us at (908) 277-0128 to schedule a practice test.

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