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Applying to College? Google Yourself

You get one chance at a first impression. And in college admissions, that is a very high stake first impression. Will an admission officer google your name? Very likely, yes. So here are a few suggestions to make sure that your individual digital brand helps instead of hurts your chances.

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How to Select the Best Colleges

Your college choice will impact how much you pay for college, how much you enjoy those years, how much you will learn, who you will become, what you will do after college, and how successful you will be. Given its importance, it makes sense to do your due diligence when

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Covid, Common App, and Test Scores

These last few months have been particularly difficult for our rising seniors. Because of the pandemic, most have had significantly fewer opportunities to take the SAT and ACT, which has made hitting their “target” scores more challenging. It seems grossly unfair that students who have prepared for months on end

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Test-Optional Admission Secrets

To me, the most fascinating revelation from the court case that for now has banned the University of California from using SAT and ACT scores in this admission cycle is how the UC schools, which had already gone “test-optional,” were evaluating applicants under a “test-optional” admissions model.¹ Without the court

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Gap Between Grades and SAT/ACT Scores

Instead of writing a typical post, I am providing a link to a podcast in which Brian Eufinger, co-founder of Edison Prep in Atlanta, GA, breaks down how and why some students can get seemingly good grades and then get surprisingly low SAT or ACT scores.

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The SAT’s New Adversity Score

Equality of opportunity and equity (fairness) of outcome are desirable.  The SAT’s adversity score, however, is a misguided attempt at achieving this equality of opportunity and, in some cases, will work against equity of outcome. 

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