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First Full Application Cycle with ChatGPT

Within a few minutes, any student can have ChatGPT 4.0 produce a top 1% college application essay. (In)authentic Essays Given that the content of the essays is not fact-checked and now even the authenticity of the writing itself is suspect, why have colleges not changed their admissions procedures? The answer:

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More Chances = Higher SAT and ACT Scores

To maximize your chances of a high SAT or ACT score, don’t prep for a test date, prep for a test score. Sometimes preparing for a specific test date is unavoidable (such as when a student has one last test before early application deadlines in senior year). But, I’ll explain

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Change or Discard the College Application Essay

On 3/14/23, ChatGPT-4 arrived. Already the arrival of ChatGPT-3 had spawned innumerable articles and prognostications (including from yours truly) about the future. However, this newest version is such a significant improvement that it deserves an update about how college essays and admissions need to change. AI detectors are obsolete Shortly

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AP Exams: Do They Matter?

In 6 weeks, AP exams will start (first day of testing is May 1st). If your teen is not sure how they will likely score, then I highly recommend that they take a practice test to check their progress.

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