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Change or Discard the College Application Essay

On 3/14/23, ChatGPT-4 arrived. Already the arrival of ChatGPT-3 had spawned innumerable articles and prognostications (including from yours truly) about the future. However, this newest version is such a significant improvement that it deserves an update about how college essays and admissions need to change. AI detectors are obsolete Shortly

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AP Exams: Do They Matter?

In 6 weeks, AP exams will start (first day of testing is May 1st). If your teen is not sure how they will likely score, then I highly recommend that they take a practice test to check their progress.

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Varsity Blues, ChatGPT, and More

Interview with ABC 7 News Los Angeles and David Blobaum, Board Member and Director of Outreach for the National Test Prep Association. Watch the interview below to find out the answer to these and other questions.

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Is College a Buy-and-Hold Investment? picked up on our “Top College Rankings in 2035” post and published our follow-up piece written for the National Test Prep Association. In case you’re interested, here it is! “Is College a Buy-and-Hold Investment?

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