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Harvard: A Stunning Reversal

Just announced, Harvard will require test scores for this upcoming 2024-2025 admissions cycle. Other schools (Dartmouth, Yale, etc) returning to test-required admissions was, in some sense, overhyped news. This is likely different. UPDATE: As of about 10 minutes ago, Caltech (which was test-blind) has just returned, effective immediately, to requiring

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AP Exam Schedule

AP Exams Matter More Than Ever

In 6 weeks, AP exams will start (first day of testing is May 6th). If your teen is not sure how they will likely score, then I highly recommend they take a practice test to check their progress.

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Should I Apply Early Decision?

Among the many changes to college admissions is the rise in the number of colleges offering Early Decision and the number of students utilizing it. As the November 1st (the early application deadline for most colleges) quickly approaches, some students are still wondering if they should apply Early Decision. Here

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