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Preparing for Private School Admission Interviews

Interviews. They can be one of the most intimidating situations an adult faces, second only to public speaking, perhaps! The pressure of making a positive impression and personal connection with a complete stranger, while deftly responding to questions about your qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses, is enough to cause any mature

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Take Practice Tests

Why Students Need To Take Practice Tests

“Practice makes perfect.” This saying is a cliché for good reason. In school, sports, even social interactions, and literally every aspect of life, practice improves our performance. It is no surprise then that consistently taking practice tests is imperative for students trying to reach their highest possible score on a

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Guide to Private School Entrance Exams

There are plenty of reasons why parents choose for their children to apply to private elementary, middle, or high school. Among the most common reasons are individual attention, parental involvement, not teaching to a test, religious instruction, specialized programs, etc. Whatever the reason may be, once parents embark on the

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