Focus on School Grades or the SAT/ACT?

vladislav babienko 703701 unsplash scaled Summit PrepWe are constantly faced with choices and trade-offs. Interact on social media or study?  Watch TV or go to the gym?  Leave a note that you accidentally scratched someone’s car or drive away?  Whether we choose to follow the right course or not, we usually know the productive, healthy, and ethical answer to most choices and trade-offs.

But, what about the choice to study more for the SAT/ACT or for a school test the next day?  What should we choose?  Here is some context:

  • On average, colleges consider high school grades and SAT/ACT scores as equal in importance to admissions (some colleges, of course, put a premium on grades, but others do so on standardized test scores).
  • Most students will be evaluated on 126 weeks of high school grades in the college admissions process (freshmen, sophomore, junior, and the first half of senior year).
  • On average, students in our surrounding area’s demographic spend around 6,250 hours in school and on homework over those 126 weeks (average school day is 6.7 hours with 16 hours of homework per week).
  • Thus, in importance to colleges, 6,250 hours of school = an SAT or ACT score (which probably seems wildly unfair, maybe it is, but read this for a deeper understanding of the role of the SAT and ACT).

adult blur books 261909 scaled Summit PrepSo, if the SAT and ACT are of equal importance to literally thousands of hours of studying, then what is more important: Studying more for a test the next day?  Or studying for the SAT or ACT?

Unequivocally, it is more important to study for the school test the next day.

Students can take the SAT and ACT many times.  When else in life do you get multiple do-overs?  Students cannot turn back time on tests for school, so, if a choice must be made, students should always choose school grades.

achievement action adventure 209209 1 Summit PrepBut, prioritizing grades also needs to come with the understanding that those thousands of hours spent on them will be much less effective unless they are paired with equal or better SAT or ACT scores.  Students must make time to study for their standardized tests so that they can demonstrate their potential to colleges, their mastery of foundational knowledge necessary for higher education, and their cumulative achievement and retention of the topics they learned in school.

Significantly improving on the SAT or ACT is a marathon, not a sprint.  Set your expectations.  Pace yourself.  You will succeed.  And your hard work in school and on the SAT/ACT will be worth it.

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Margie B.
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I can’t thank david for all his hard work and getting my son the score he was aiming for!! Summit prep is an unbelievable place to get your kids ready for their college prep Act and SAT courses!!! Thanks again for making this year end with a bang!!
Thomas S.
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The entire experience from start to finish was excellent. The process was clearly outlined and understood. Scheduling was a breeze and our teacher come not have been more flexible.
Georgia B.
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Eva was wonderful. With her help I was able to get into my top school and receive and scholarship. I loved her help and spending time studying.
Jeanine L.
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We were lucky enough to be referred to David at Summit Prep! My son enjoyed working with David as he felt that he really helped him prepare for the ACT. He explained concepts covered on the test as well as the test itself. My son felt confident taking the test and did so well that he only had to take it once!
Ben H.
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David helped me improve my SAT from a 1480 to a 1570 over the course of about 2 months. Each session made me feel more and more confident.
Jill B.
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Eva took on an almost impossible task and seriously worked a miracle! We found out we were moving, and our son had to take the ISEE exam asap. From his practice test to the exam, his scores went up exponentially. We give her 5 enthusiastic stars!
Rachel F.
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My twins have had a wonderful experience with Summit Prep preparing for the ACT. David is extremely knowledgeable and connects individually in a very relatable and helpful manner for each student. I highly recommend Summit Prep!
Janice B.
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All three of my children have used Summit Prep for their test prep and, I believe, reached their full potential as a result of the outstanding guidance of David and Ryan. His ongoing support went above and beyond. Many thanks!
Kwesi A.
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My son just got accepted into MIddlebury!! He could not have gotten a better tutor than Eva!!! She is the best!
Arlene S.
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Summit Prep are professional, enthusiastic, encouraging and most importantly successful in helping our son achieve his goals. We would strongly recommend using David and his team and want to convey our thanks for all of their help!

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