Summit Prep Blog - Part 3

How to Thrive in Quarantine

The host of the “Earn and Invest” podcast, Doc G, recently interviewed David Blobaum, co-owner of Summit Prep, about how students, business owners, and all people can use quarantine time to set themselves up for success.

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Covid – An Opportunity for Valuable Life Lessons

During these unprecedented times — when fears are heightened and the norm is anything but normal — it is difficult for any of us to be at our best. With multiple stressors related to Covid (mental health concerns, financial hardship, and the responsibilities of raising our children and often educating them at home), there are positive actions we can take to enable us to thrive and to help our children flourish.

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Why the SAT and ACT are Awesome

 Even amidst this temporary turmoil, some truths are timeless: education opens the doors to success. Recorded before the lockdown, Amy Seeley and Mike Bergin from the Tests and the Rest podcast interview David Blobaum, Co-Founder of Summit Prep, about how the SAT and ACT are based on skills and knowledge useful for succeeding in college and in life and, thus, why they are awesome.

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